Family Support


PathWays Family SupportPathWays, in partnership with the Family Support Advisory Council, provides Family Support Services for children, youth, and adults who live with their families. PathWays is committed to strengthening and supporting families within the context of their lives and within their own communities.

Family Support Service to include:

  • Focus on the entire family.
  • Recognize and value the family’s strengths and competencies.
  • Respect the family’s approach to making decisions regarding provision of supports and services.
  • Create and emphasize opportunities for families to build relationships in their communities.
  • Maximize the family’s control over the provision of supports and services.
  • Identify resources and supports and services that are flexible, individualized, and responsive to the changing needs of the family.
  • Respect the family’s cultural and ethnic beliefs, traditions, personal values, and lifestyles.
  • Empower families through educational opportunities and wide dissemination of information.
  • Promote family involvement in all levels of planning, policy-making, and monitoring of the services system.

Family support shall be comprised of supports and services such as:

  • Information and referral.
  • Identification of, and assistance to access, community resources and supports.
  • Assistance with transition in and out of services.
  • Crisis intervention and emotional support.
  • Advocacy for accessing supports and services.
  • Family networking.
  • Accessing respite care.
  • Accessing environmental modifications of the family’s home and the family’s vehicle.
  • Promotion of inclusive social and recreational opportunities.
  • Conferences and workshops in response to families’ requests.
  • Community outreach, education, and development to promote understanding and support for families as well as individuals with disabilities.
  • Financial assistance, as available.
  • Respitality.